Monday, February 21, 2011


Ciabatta means slipper, and gets the name because of its shape. I've done a couple loaves of ciabatta now. It's supposed to have nice, big air pockets inside. It's wonderfully chewy. We enjoyed some with penne and pesto last night, and again for lunch today.

My first try at a new type is always a learning experience. My first ciabatta was a bit sunken in the center. It was still tasty, I brought it to Bunco along with some sun-dried tomato bruschetta and it was gobbled up!

First attempt at ciabatta

2nd attempt had a better shape.

A look at the crumb. Nice big air pockets.

My ciabatta is made from the same dough as the boule. It's amazing how the same dough can yield a different type of bread when shaped and cooked differently!

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