Saturday, March 5, 2011

Angry Amber

I went on a work trip for 2 days and left beer brewing on my kitchen counter in a 5 gallon glass carboy. I made a mistake and over oxidated it. I put the airlock on wrong too apparently. I arrived home from my 2 day work trip and found that it had exploded up onto my ceiling from my kitchen counter! Should have snapped a pic but was too pissed having to scrub and the re-paint the ceiling. Most of the beer was still left in the carboy once the CO2 this one will be named Angry Amber because of the yeast explosion (and me painting away dammit). I don't think it's ruined but we'll see!

10 lbs 2 Row Pale, 10 oz. 40L Crystal, 1/2 oz. Peated Malt, 1/2 oz. Roasted Barley

Yeast (Northwest 1332) and Hops (Northern Brewer and Cascade)

Siphon to primary fermenter

Angry Amber

The 1/2 oz. peated malt is something different. This is a U.S. Amber but peated malt is smoky and more Scottish, so it's supposed to have a "Scottish Accent."

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